What do you want in a burger?

Let’s do an exercise of imagination. Imagine the perfect burger, what would you like it to include? How would you like it to look like? How does the meat taste, and how about the sauce? What do you feel when you take the first bite? We have done this exercise too and what we imagined and the experience from our tasting journeys all over the world was translated into reality as best as it could be.

Thus, we created a burger that can be named as a real BURGER. Because when you imagine it you must already feel its taste in your mouth and see yourself eating one. What you’ll find at Burger House is far from being an ordinary burger between two buns. Here we promise that you will live a true experience and that you will really feel the taste of beef, the crispy lettuce, the slices of cheese and our unique sauce. Are you craving yet?



Everything we put on your plate is fresh, from the beef to the vegetables and sauce. We do not have freezers in which we keep the ingredients on a long term and no additives or preservatives are used on your burger.

We don’t like to eat the processed meat you can find on the market in burgers either. Our burger is made from 100% beef, minced in our kitchen. Everything we add are spices which ensure an exquisite taste.

Very often the difference between two burgers is made by the sauce. And we don’t make any compromise when it comes to its quality, which is why we prepare a sauce specially designed to match the beef perfectly. But because it is a secret sauce, we just say it contains up to 10 ingredients. Do you think you can find all of them? 🙂

The Burger House concept is inspired by nature, and that is shown both in the local design which is made to bring people closer to the environment and in our burgers. No wonder they have names like Smoke’N’Fire, TreeHouse, Mushroom Melt și BurgerHouse.