Our burgers are unique. Now that we’ve established that we can move on to explain why we sustain this 🙂

Life before Burger House took us in many corners of the world and everywhere we went, among all the traditional recipes we tried, there was always a burger which had a special place in our menu. We are burgers fans, because otherwise we would not have opened a local specialized in burgers, and we are not trying to hide it.

But we are fans of only true burgers which are made with fresh meat and only 100% beef, that is the reason we gathered all of our experience together and tried to create a burger that meets high quality standards. And what we serve on your plate, in your hand, or to go is more than just a piece of meat squeezed between two buns.

We want everything to be fresh and healthy so we supply our Burger House with fresh meat from a butchery and vegetables of the highest quality daily.

And no, we don’t own a freezer hidden anywhere. We chop the beef and add a few seasonings to ensure the taste, without any preservatives or additives. And when you want a burger, we fry it directly on the hob and put it between two buns along with your desired ingredients. And that is why you have to wait up to 7 minutes to have the perfect burger in front of you. Just one more thing, our sauce is unique. It is specially prepared by us and contains up to 10 ingredients, but we can not tell you which they are.We encourage you to discover them 🙂

We are nature lovers too! We believe in beef, but more than that, we believe in nature and its protection. That’s why, for each burger you buy, we will donate one leu for planting trees. Maybe one day we’ll have a small forest just for burger lovers.